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We are friendly

We are not a big corporation. We treat everyone equally and frineldy. Everyone is important to us.

We are flexible

We will adapt to all your requirements. Whatever you want, we will try our best to get it done for you.

Cheap services

We will make you the best deal. We are able to host almost anything for really low prices.

Domain registration

Do you want a website on your own domain? Good idea! We provide domain registration and we will help you with the complete setup at the lowest possible price.

  • .cz  .sk  .eu  .com  .org  .net  .pl  .info  .name  .biz

Web hosting rental

Do you already have your domain? Do you want to create a web presentation, a company website or some experimental website? Just rent webhosting cheaply, set up your domain's DNS to our servers and you can start beeing online!

Game hosting rental

Do you like playing computer games? Great! We provide rental of game server for very fair prices. You don't believe us? Just sign up in the panel and check it on your own. All you have to do is select the game, the number of slots and we will choose the server settings you will need. And what do you pay for? Just for the time you really play.


Do you have a lot of friends with whom you like to frequently change the games you play? If so, you are in the right place! Just for you, we have launched a brand new service MATE™ that is ready for instant game changing and is almost for free! Are you interested? Just quickly sign up in the panel, call your friends and start playing!

  • Fair price
  • Range of games
  • Up to 15 slots
  • Instant game change